Weight Loss Testimonial - Learn From Other's Experince

      I now weigh 10 lbs less than I did in 7th grade. I am 49 years old and have never had success in any diet before, and have always been overweight.  I enjoy the simple way of eating without having to measure everything,
only limiting fats and starches. Although I was addicted to candy and all the other junk before I started the diet, I have no cravings or even interest in it now.  I enjoy the feeling of loose clothes, and walking faster, and the arthritis leaving from my knees.  I enjoy not needing a nap anymore in the middle of the day.  I enjoy feeling younger and happier. 

      I am taking super weight loss, the body shapers, the antioxidants, the multi-vitamins, and shakes--I have used the carb and fat absorbers only when I went on vacation for a week (and I still lost 3 pounds on my vacation) I am very pleased not only with the products, but with the expertise and nice attitude of the counselors in helping you know how to use them effectively. 

      I would recommend everyone who wants or needs to lose weight should do it in this healthy way. The approximate $800 I am investing for a six month program is half paid by the money I am now not putting in the junk machines. I have 20 more pounds to lose by Thanksgiving, and for the first time in my life I will not be overweight as of then. Glad I heard about this program on Dr. Chufo's radio program.  Doris, Pennsylvania