Best Post Workout Food - What Do I Eat After Intense Exercise?

 Best post workout food : many of us who are not professional athletes, not attention to the best post-workout meal. It is true that almost everything you put in your body affects your metabolism and your ability to get the most out of the training.

 However, when it comes to best post workout food and workout recovery time is. You can maximize the benefits of exercise and minimize aches and pains with the right foods.

 Protein is the nutrient that must obviously be replaced because it is what your body uses to build muscle and research has shown that eating best post workout food just protein after a workout promotes muscle protein synthesis. It turns out that you can make your night snack.

 According to the Institute of the Storage Sports Science, "the ingestion of dietary protein before sleep can be an effective best post workout food dietary strategy to inhibit the breakdown of muscle proteins, stimulate muscle protein synthesis, facilitating the adaptive response in skeletal muscle workout and improve the effectiveness of the exercise.

 Your muscles are not the only part of your body that needs to be replaced after exercise. Some of the best best post workout food to reheated, reduce inflammation and make its exercise really matters.

 - Chocolate milk :

 The rumors are true, chocolate milk is better for best post workout food recovery that most exercise drinks. The key is to create a 4: 1 carbohydrate to protein in this case add a little flavor and sweetness is a good thing.

 According to the Washington Post, "The amount of dairy recommended infusion carbohydrates can go 8-16 ounces depending on the intensity best post workout food, frequency and duration of exercise and sex of the person, the size and age . "

 - fresh pineapple :

 Pineapple is loaded with vitamin C, which helps promote healing and fibers and B-6. But the real advantage is the pineapple broomball, an enzyme that best post workout food helps to reduce inflammation and relieves sprains and other injuries.

 - Yogurt :

 All yogurt contains protein, but Greek yogurt has the highest level. Plus you get the benefits of calcium and proboscis best post workout food.

 - Turkey :

 Turkey is a great post-workout food because it is thin, rich in protein and also contains selenium, which helps prevent cell damage.

 - Coconut :

 Coconut oil is rich in saturated fats, but the medium-chain fatty best post workout food acids, which is the "good" fats. Because it is so easy to digest, coconut oil goes directly to your liver for an instant surge of instant energy. This makes a great pre-workout snack too. Coco also helps boost immunity best post workout food and reduce inflammation.

 - Salmon :

 Salmon is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Among other things, omega-3s help reduce inflammation and can even make an anti-inflammatory drug used more efficiently

 - Turmeric and ginger :

 Turmeric and ginger have both been shown to reduce best post workout food inflammation. In addition, turmeric is an excellent antioxidant, add a pinch of black pepper to increase the body's ability to absorb turmeric.

 - Smoothie :

 There is nothing better than a post-workout shake to reheated and revivalist. Try this Turmeric Pineapple Smoothie best post workout food which has the ideal 4: 1 carbohydrate to protein.

 - Blueberries and cherries :
 Best post workout food : Blueberries and cherries are rich in antioxidants and contain anticipation, which help deliver oxygen to your blood and accelerates muscle recovery.