Lose Weight By Walking - The Safe Way !

 Lose weight by walking : in fact, this plan is so natural, you almost do not feel like a weight loss program. This of course is the beauty of March: simply putting one foot before the other - no gimmicks, no hardware, no trips to the gym - you can totally transform your figure, lose weight by walking even if you do not change a thing about your diet!

 Walking can also transform your health. Experts now say that taking 10,000 steps a day starts a chain reaction of physical benefits lose weight by walking, including blood pressure, which reduces the risk of heart disease and better opportunities for breast cancer prevention.

 Do you have 10,000 steps sound overwhelming? A little perspective: It translates into 4.5 to 5 miles, or an hour of brisk lose weight by walking. Still sound like a lot? Try to break into small pieces, three measures of 20 minutes walk, a 30 minute walk breeze before breakfast and another after dinner.

 Or simply commit to get up once every hour, every hour during the lose weight by walking and moving for five minutes.

 However you break down the steps, there are only a fabulous result: a slimmer, more energetic you. In 60 minutes of walking, you burn 300-500 extra calories. Keep this up for 10 days and if no pounds lose weight by walking.

 Keep for one year and 35 pounds lighter - without a minute of food.

 Do you really have time for a workout to lose weight by walking? Absolutely - just need to find a routine that fits your schedule and Supervised. Choose the profile of one of our three planes, and we will solve the when, where and how.

 Its 60-minute lose weight by walking of the training:


You usually leads itself in office or traveling by public transport, leave a little earlier and park further away from your building or bus a few stops earlier than usual and walk the rest of the way lose weight by walking their fate.

 (Note: .. Do not do this Say no high heels fashionable and wear sneakers instead The alternative is to risk serious injury.) Remember that your goal is to lose weight by walking a little over a mile 15 minutes. To find out how well - or how many bus stops - that is, the unity of the road when the distance map.


 A step for lunch more lose weight by walking. Slip on your sneakers, leave the building and do a few laps around the block. Window shopping is permitted, but to get your heart rate, you will not be caught in the routine stop and look.

 Keep arms pumping and shorten stride to squeeze in more steps per minute lose weight by walking. On his return to his office road, grab a bite to eat healthy and plenty of water to replace lost fluids. See, that was not so hard!

 - BREAK 10 MINUTES (aka ENERGY foot) :

 3:00 p.m. You are ... You know where your energy? If you lost somewhere in the depths of the office, you're not alone lose weight by walking. The best way to regain his moms is pressed! This time, get a little tricky.

 If one is looking, to the vine in his walk to the corner store, down an empty corridor back up the stairs with eyes closed (use the ramp!). The idea is to involve all the senses, even those who are not normally active in an office environment. You will feel much more alert when you return to your lose weight by walking.

 - Reverse 15 minutes :

 Now it's time to go home. Follow his journey home tomorrow evening walk. Remember, you are shooting at 1.2 miles in 15 minutes, but nothing happens if it takes longer at first - just keep lose weight by walking on improving his time.


 Standing up, taking five deep breaths. As you inhale, slowly raise your arms above your head; slowly lower as you exhale lose weight by walking.


 Take your watch and pedometer. Your goal is to walk a mile (2200 steps), wherever you want, in 15 minutes. Focus on down on the heel, rolling through the ball of your foot and push the toes with each step.


 Now that you've warmed up, solve all the folds. Calves: lean against a lose weight by walking or wall and extend one leg behind you in a lunge position. Hold for five counts; switch legs. Quads: Bend one leg back, pulling his foot down with one hand and using lose weight by walking a wall bracket with one another; switch legs.

  Hamstrings: Sit on the floor and stretching one leg in front of you, keeping the other bent and relaxed. Achieving the right leg toe with five counts; switch legs.

 - MILE 12 minutes :

 Prepare to hurry! For the next 12 minutes, to be moved between a slow and a quick tour lose weight by walking. Walking speed is easy once you get the hang of it - to stay focused on small steps instead of more. To really start, looking back and forth arm with a force - without legs due should do all the work!


 Well, you survived. Now, drop and give us 10 - really! Combine cardiac with strength training on a training burns more calories. Finding a patch of grass and 10 complete lose weight by walking pumps (pushing change from the knees), 10 sit-ups and 10 leg lifts on each side.

 - MILE 12 minutes :

 Here is the intensity of the final component to your routine. As before, continue to go somewhere between a slow and a quick tour lose weight by walking. Pay attention to your posture: the speed should come to bend your knees, do not rush forward and cause injury.


 You are officially back home now. To preserve its long and flexible muscles, repeat the calf, hamstring and quad stretches you did before lose weight by walking. This time, hold each position for 10 counts and feel much more down the stretch, you can go now that your muscles are warm.

 Clasp your hands behind your back and pull arms for good lose weight by walking, biceps and triceps press .


 Lose weight by walking : you worked hard; Now is the time to slow down and your heart rate back to normal. As you walk the last mile, let your arms swing slightly to the sides. By the time we reached 20 minutes, his breathing and heart rate should be almost back to normal lose weight by walking, so you can easily carry on a conversation.