Easy weight loss tips !

Easy weight loss tips

   Small and easy weight loss tips are always easier then doing tough exercises and strict plans and the best thing is – they are more effective.
 Simple plans are better than reducing a weight at random and leaving your body in starvation state. Here are simple weight loss tips that you could follow:

Measure your food:
   If you are looking for an easy tip then try this one. Measure your food before eating. Eat ice-cream just one cup. Reduce your fat by measuring its quantity. Always try measured amount of ingredients for your daily meal.

Create own salad:
   Weight loss diet plans include salads. Add lemon and olive oil in 1:2 in your salad. Your healthy vegetable salad will become a zero calorie diet for you after adding lemon juice and olive oil in it.

Sit away from food:
   An easy tip to reduce weight is to sit far away from the dining table. Or sit in a way that you will not face food directly. This reduces extra eating habits and in turns a weight loss within a few weeks.

Eat snacks and nuts:
   Those who eat nuts and snacks like Pistachios can greatly reduce their weight. Excessive pounds are reduced by eating such nuts just twice a week. Try this simple tip to get fast weight loss results.

Weight twice a week:
   Those who keep a strict eye on their weight loss have more chances to get fast results. They change their diet plans if they feel no weight loss. Measure your weight daily or twice a week to reduce weight effectively.

Eat sliced meal:
   People who use sliced food for a long period effectively reduce their weight without any metabolic change in their body. Slices of food look like more food as compared to a single large piece of food.
Try above mentioned tips to reduce your weight. You have to follow these for a long time to get results. But the results are permanent and exactly what you want.