BIO Fitness - What You Are Looking For !

With obesity rates skyrocketing, points of medical research bio fitness on the importance of exercise to ward off obesity and other health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, and even depression. Many people look a gym as the answer. And indeed, this is a great option because there are fitness types to meet the needs of almost everyone bio fitness.

For those who wish to focus on strength training, this article will attempt to compare the cost of strength training in a gym room fitness center or to the cost of buying a system 1.7 home gym Bio Force.

The Cost of strength training in bio fitness a gym

Gyms are ideal for strength training. They offer an amazing variety of machines to meet the needs of everyone from novice to professional. But here are some of the costs associated with buying a gym membership bio fitness:

A basic gym membership, giving you access to all the training of force (as well as cardiac) machines can cost between $ 25- $ 60 / month ($ 720,300 / year). Some gyms or fitness centers can also provide inner race, pool, and / or childcare.Bio fitness other services may be available that may or may not be covered by your monthly fee. For example, classes may be additional charges. And many of these gyms also charge a fee or initiation can be up to $ 100 In addition, many gyms need to sign a contract for a minimum of one year and fines for bio fitness early termination fees.

How far is your home gym? How much of your time, petrol and wear and tear on your car will cost to make this trip regularly?
Many people feel pressured to look like a pro in the gym bio fitness, and therefore feel the need to be equipped with the latest in workout clothes and shoes. Clothing and fashion shoes can cost a lot of money, especially for shoes!

If you have children,bio fitness regardless of their sport offering of a child? And is included in the membership fees or extra charges? Or is it only available at certain times that may not be suitable for you? Some gyms can charge about $ 5 / child for this service.
The home strength training bio fitness.

There are many cost savings involved in the work at home. Here are a few:

There are no costs for gasoline, wear and tear on your car, or the time to drive to and from the gym.
While you may still have to invest in a good pair bio fitness of supportive shoes (and a good sports bra if you're a woman), no pressure to buy clothes at the expensive training mode. The old sweatpants and a t-shirt the case will do.

Nowadays, bio fitness can be expensive but with top for you you can have it easily.

When it comes to child care, work at home is a great option.Bio fitness you can do it while your spouse or partner is the home while the kids are at school or sleeping, or with very clear rules, your children may even be in the room with you as you work.
The Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym

This home fitness bio fitness system has full Nitrocell technology (or TNT), which is unique to the Bio Force 1.7. The system uses two cylinders filled with liquid nitrogen to create resistance is gently. Resistance remains constant over the entire range of movement from the beginning of the rep all the way to the end.

The levels of resistance 1.7 Bio strength bio fitness can be easily changed with a slide-n-lock mechanism that adapts £ 10 to £ 170 in a few seconds. The transition from one year to another is quick and simple, and no bows to adjust or weight to move. So your routine becomes more efficient and much simpler.

Bio Force 1.7 is designed to work each group of muscles in your body. It has a two-position seat and comes with a manual that describes over 100 body bio fitness shaping exercises. Exercise separate tables for men and women, food graphics, and a DVD that shows the form and proper technique are also included.

Bio Force 1.7 is bio fitness compact, occupying less space than a treadmill. As assembled, its dimensions are 52 "L 82" H. weighs 174 pounds and comes with a 12 months warranty on parts and frame. Bio Force comes with no additional bio fitness purchase.

So how much does it cost?

The total sale price of the Bio Force's $ 1.7 999. However, you can find online with prices ranging anywhere from $ 657 to $ 799.99. Shipping may or may bio fitness not be included in this price.